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Monday, November 14, 2005

Eyeing the Opposite Sex...With a Long Kiss

Ok, so I do not think it is any secret that in a ny grand gathering like this, if you are a hot-blooded male, like myself, and very single, your eyes will be scanning the horizon faster than any ADSL connection you could think of:-) Forgive the forced humour, but I have to say it's been rather disappointing on the social interaction front here in Tunis.

Suffice to say, the women are GORGEOUS, but they have no time for any other race than theirs, which is a shame, but, then again, not surprising.

As far as gender equality goes, I think Tunisian guys are way off tangent. There is a stand for each country here at the World Summit on Information Society. Each country is represented, as is private sector, whatnot. I found my stand--Ghana, and I heard some horror stories from the ladies that the Tunisian men are "uncouth". They don't care whether theer is a ring on your finger or not, they will stop their cars and make signs to the women that they are keen to go to bed with them!! Can you imagine that...

I can't, frankly, cos as a guy, I have had a positive experience> Okay, so they exude some degree of machismo that is characteristic of the stereotype of Arab men, but, honestly, they have been very friendly.

Also, I hear that whilst there are mosquitoes here, the male ones collect nectar--huh?--whilst the female ones do the biting. Does black widow and queen bee come to mind?

Oh, I FOUND BBC World for myself on the tv this morning. I wasgetting fed up with watching French tv -- TF1 and France 2, which, though helped to keep my French fresh, was boring me to death.

Except yesterday. The Full Monty was on, as part of TF1's Cine Dimanche, as was that ever-so-sexy Geena Davis playing alongside Samuel L Jackson guessed it, the 1996 fantastic action thriller "Long Kiss Goodnight". I don't know how many times I have watched that movie, but I always get SO hooked with the film. From L Jackson's lines, to Brian Cox's about taking them to the zoo (after the shoot-out at the Central Station) to the bad guy's character, it is all so believable.

That film remains on my top 10 best films. I'd love to do the imdb link, but seeing as I am at the cyber-cafe at the Kram Palexpo, where security is tight even on the Net, not sure whether it will be possible. Let's try. {ouch, they have blocked the "START" so that you cannot browse any other programmes on the computer. Smart. Which means if this gets lost, it gets lost!!!} ok. Here's the link:

I also read in yesterday's Tunis paper that Geena Davis has an IQ of, what 140 or something, and that she is playing in a new role in the US as female president. The series is called "Commander-in-Chief" or something...

Gosh, that woman is SO good.

On a personal note, managed to track that gorgeous woman I bumped into at the airport Friday afternoon. She is working at one of the stands--the Rwandan one--and works for one of the World Bank programmes. She tried my number again, got through. I saved that number of hers faster than...chose your pick: blink of an eye/an ADSL connection/you could say "jack robinson".

Regrettably, she is at the stand most of the time, but I'm eyeing this member of the opposite sex with...dinner in mind.



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