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Friday, March 27, 2009

A Brave New (Laptop-less) World Beckons...

I've been laptop-less for the past one week, choosing to put off going to the STARLITE shop in Osu, deep in the capital of Accra, which outlet is at Accra Mall, where I bought the-said HP laptop tx1000 last April. I know the warranty still covers, but I am prepared for the worst--that they'll tell me they won't cover it as the year is practically out.

Whatever the case may be, I'm thinking about procuring a DESKTOP computer for myself as a long-term investment. My old laptop (Packard-Bell) is unusable, and I am so in need of one. But I will cope!

Whilst I do that, I cannot help but wonder which regulatory authority exists anywhere, but an effective consumer association that sets standards on goods that come into the country. I was thinking that the National Communications Authority might be the one, but I believe probably that Ghana Standards Board is more apt.

My search continues--oh, and so does my need to take the laptop for examination and accept the consequences!!

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