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Monday, April 06, 2009

Monday Reflections of a Technology Kind: Fighting the Facebook Fraternity...HP Nightmare Re-Dux

Encouraged by a couple of readers to this blog, I've decided to make it more active than ever before. Am not quite sure how, exactly--except to be as natural as possible. And not too long.

If you read some of my other blogs, there's a propensity to write mini-tomes. I want to avoid doing this here--even though technology and discussions on the information society do occasionally demand such dedication!

Let's start with the weekend listening to the BBC Worldservice, and hearing on Saturday that a girl saved a British boy who said he was going to commit suicide thru Facebook. You can read the story here:

A simple news search reveals a good 58,206 searches---and my broither, if that is not headache-inducing, I don't know what is! There are too many people writing about Facebook--and very well! that I don't really want to add to the noise.

ANd, really, I'm not talking about A colleague, who is apparently on it, was surprised to hear I had not joined it! So I write a weekly column on technology, but I don't honestly have to be a part of all processes to understand it do I? Oh, God, am getting a headache thinking about it. Whatever happened to the proof of the pudding is in the eating? Ouch...

So, I find myself in a bit of an existential paradox--to twitter or not to twitter? Whichever is the question?

You tell me!

Just before I go, I've managed to avoid going on Facebook today as well, and I plan to make occasional visits there through my mobile, through I did over the weekend. I'm really looking for friend requests (though with over 400, I don't know why!!!) and being tagged on notes, which I do sometimes feel duty-bound to reply...

This week--finally--the laptop goes to the cleaners. Of sorts...

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