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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bonfire of Laptop Vanities!

Two--nay,three stories have conspired to remind me that maybe Someone out there wants us to remember that technology will come and go, but we humans will remain, and that there is more to life than broken-down laptops.

The first story is none other than my own laptop, which I've already blogged about in the "nightmare on HP street" series, which you can click in the labels below.

The second has to do with a ghanablogging colleague who bemoaned a few days ago how their laptop--same as mine--had the screen break down on them when they accidentally slept with the hand, or so, on it. The worst of it all is that the retailers would tell them that they could not have that HP Pavilion fixed here in Africa! (so you can imagine why the guy has still not contacted me)

Finally, my work colleague (the big boss) mentioned yesterday how his laptop "died" on him. His is a TOSHIBA, so I shudder to think what brand to consider next in my search for a laptop!!

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