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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Multi-Facetted World of ICT Complaints

It appears the longer I stay away from blogging, the higher the complaints mount!

It just struck me how in Ghana there are many stories just begging to be written; it also seems a large number of our fourth-columnists are unable to cover them all. This is why blogging is so useful and instructive.

For the past week, I have been battling with both SHOPRITE and GAME about their links. The stories are not necessarily apocryphal as they are annoying. First I am told that a goo number of people earlier in the day were able to purchase goods with the car ds so my card will work. Next, I realise after some ten minutes that it isn't going to go anywhere, especially as it's the evening.

E-Transactions from where?

I blame less the tellers--and more the shop, which I believe should ensure that it does its level best to make sure the links are working! A cashless society is not going to come anytime soon if even the retailers are not concerned about making sure their customers are happy.

I have been encouraged, though, by what I have been seeing in the papers about standards and all that. Standards as in Ghana Standards Board. Question, though, is whether they are the right agency to seek re-dress about e-transactions? I cannot help but wonder whether there is not a standard about these

A Decentralised ECG

On a happier note, I have also seen in the papers that it's possible to buy Cashpower electricity from new outlets. If it's true that there's one closer to home, then I will die a happier man!;-)

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